Beverage Development and Other Stages of Making a Drink

Liquid Brand ManagmentOne of the products making a lot of stir in the industry today is nothing more than a simple beverage. Whether it is tea, energy drink, cold drink, juice, soda, cola, spirit, wine, bottled water or alcohol, these are doing very well in the market. These have a carved niche for themselves and they usually end up selling like hot cakes. However, it must be noted that many of these products cannot even make it out of the development stages while the ones that do hit the market, fail to clear the testing stages of the food and drug department. Even the ones that pass these tests are not sure of their stay in the market due to the competition. In order to avoid such a strain, people end up going to companies that provide you with a complete end to end solution from your beverage development to the beverage sales. This means that they will allot you a team of researchers and a project leader under which you can implement your ideas of that perfect edible drink that you have in mind. They will make sure that all the tests are carried out and that the end product is to your liking.

Once the necessary clearances have been received from the government, their team also indulges in the beverage sales and distribution to make sure that the drink lands in most retail outlets. If this fails to happen, the sales and the numbers will start falling and this eventually means that your firm will shut down.

Boosting a Stale Career

There are many people looking for jobs and often not nearly as many jobs. Just doing the minimum or even what is expected is not enough in a competitive career path. You are one of many. You have to outshine the competition. Years of great career counselling in Perth has proven that resumes that sparkle get the interviews while even quite professional resumes are ignored. Follow these tips to be noticed.

1) Do More Than What You are Paid to Do – Remove “That’s not my job.” from your vocabulary now. If it is not your job, you want it to be your job, so you say yes. You are the employee with the initiative, willingness to help and the ability to advance in your career path. Ask for ways to do more if they are not offered to you. Make cultivating an outstanding work ethic part of your job description.

2) Smart Wording – Your resume should read like a subtle advertisement. Every responsibility you have ever had at a job should sound as polished and relevant as possible. Your help taking in orders at your summer job as a teenager is now experience with inventory. Of course, never lie.

3) Sell Yourself – You are not just the sum of your employment history. You have likely done other things, such as coached a kid’s sports team, volunteered, organized an event or the like. Put that on your resume. It shows your interviewer that you are an involved and motivated person. You can do more than what is expected of you and you are an asset to a company.

From outplacement in Sydney to career coaching in Brisbane, Let’s Talk Career has many strategies for getting you ahead. If it is time to end the stalemate in your career, come talk about it and get the help you need.

Nicola Tesla and Electricity

The discovery of electricity is typically attributed to either Benjamin Franklin or Nicola Tesla. Neither actually invented electricity, but both made exciting new discoveries about this powerful force. However, Tesla’s work was instrumental in allowing for the widespread usage of electricity that we see today. His discoveries are what makes it possible for electricity to be transmitted over long distances. This revolutionary invention changed the way the world operates.

Interesting Facts about Tesla

  • He was born at the stroke of midnight in the middle of a severe lightening storm.
  • He had a photographic memory.
  • He could visualize in three dimensions.
  • He invented the radio, remote control, and X-ray processes.
  • He never married.
  • He had an obsession for pigeons.
  • He nursed sick and injured pigeons back to health in his hotel room in New York City.

How Tesla’s Work Impacts Our Lives Today

Tesla was able to harness the power of electricity and bring it under mankind’s dominion. Now, electricity fuels society. We are so dependent on electricity that our lives fall apart if the electricity ever fails us.

Since electricity is so vital to the way we live our lives, electricians can be lifesavers when the power goes out. Everyone needs a good electrician who will come to the rescue when things go wrong.

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